Warning of Dr.Chettawut Thailand

Be aware of Dr.chettawut thailand

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Dr.Chettawut Thailand victims be aware

If you are also a victim or dr.chettawut or have friends who been victims than visit our website facebook and put a like on it

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Dr. Chettawut Tulayaphanich Thailand ruined my face after FFS (facial feminization surgery)

Dr. Chettawut ruined my face specially my lip. I have problems to speak,drink and eat. He made me abnormal!!
Dr. Chettawut damaged my face after ffs

more infos also atĀ www.facebook.com/dr.chettawut.warning

I let 4 doctors checking my face and all they said that this results comes from dr.chettawut surgery. The nerves are damaged and also my mentalis muscle. Food and drink falls from my mouth and i speak now abnormal!!!!
Other patients wrote to me and had problems also after SRS!!!!!!!
Other patients wrote to me which have problems after srs cause nerves are forever damaged or they have problems to go to the toilet. One mother wrote to me that her daughter died after srs with Chettawut! Dont let this happen to you!!!!
Before FFS Chettawut——-After FFS Chettawut
With this website i want to warn and protect everybody who is planning to make a FFS or SRS with Dr.chettawut in Thailand Bangkok.
You just have one face. Men and people will look first
on it. Once it is damaged like mine you can never return it back.
Of course dr.chettawut and his team will tell you that this is all not true.
What else should they say. For them it is
a BUSINESS. They wanna make money with you.
They will make you a lot of hopes. they will play
with your dreams and promise you all what you wanna hear
until they have your money. once they have your money
they will not respond on email or calls if you have any pronblems.
Before the surgery they will let you sign a contract which allows
them to damage your face without any risks for them.
So dont sign chettawut contract. If you wanna make your surgery
in thailand then there are a lot of good doctors. One of the best
is dr.suporn. If you wanna look like the second picture or more bad
then choose chettawut. I am not able to speak, to eat or to drink.
I speak like an abnormal and when i eat food and drink falls from my mouth.
Its shameful for me even when i go in the public.
I created this website to warn everybody. I have all reports and proof
from my doctors and other patients what i can send you a copy if you needed them for your lawyer.
THIS IS Dr. Chettawut
who ruined my face
and made
me abnormal after FFS
Chettawut Plastic Surgery Center
1529/4 Onnut 31 Sukhumvit 77
Bangkok, Thailand 10250
I am not able to eat or drink cause
Food or Drink
falls from my mouth.

Its the results of FFS from
Dr. Chettawut Tulayaphanich.

Think if you really want your FFS or SRS
End like that. Your life is finished then
forever and your money is in Chettawut

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